Be the first to explore EX-HMAS ADELAIDE underwater.
NSW Crown Land


  1. How can I dive the Ex-HMAS Adelaide?

    There are a number of ways that you can experience the Ex-HMAS Adelaide however each diver will require a permit and must access the site aboard a boat with a mooring booking. 

    A number of commercial operators offer dive tours to the Ex-HMAS Adelaide. You can also dive the Ex-HMAS Adelaide from a private boat by obtaining a diver access permit and mooring booking from Central Coast Tourism.

  2. How do I book?

    Dive tours can be booked through commercial operators servicing this dive site location. Alternatively dive clubs and independent, experienced divers, may choose to book a club or public mooring.

    Bookings can be made either online, over the phone or in person:

    Online: Through the Central Coast Tourism website using their 24-hour online booking system.

    Telephone bookings can be made via +61 2 4343 4444 or toll free 1300 132 975 and you can speak to the Central Coast Tourism Sales and Information team to secure your mooring and/or daily permit.

    In Person: You can organise your booking over the counter at one of Central Coast Tourism’s three Visitor Information Centres:

    Kariong Visitor Information Centre
    52 The Avenue, Mt Penang Parklands, Kariong NSW 2250
    Open: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Saturday & Sunday 9.30 am to 3.30 pm

    Gosford Visitor Information Centre
    200 Mann Street, Gosford NSW 2250
    Open: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 4.00 pm
    Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm Closed Sunday

    The Entrance Visitor Information Centre
    Memorial Park, Marine Parade, The Entrance NSW 2261

  3. When can I dive the Ex-HMAS Adelaide?

    The Ex-HMAS Adelaide Reserve is currently open daily between 6.00am and 6.30pm.

  4. What qualification level do I need to dive the Ex-HMAS Adelaide?

    • The vessel is located in approximately 32 metres depth of water.
    • People should satisfy themselves that they have an adequate level of training and experience to undertake the planned dive. If unsure, it is strongly recommended that you seek advice from, or dive with, a commercial dive operator.
    • In addition, commercial operators may require their clients to have a certain level of training and/or experience to dive at the site.

  5. How many moorings are available?

    Six moorings are located at the dive site:

    • Two moorings have been allocated for exclusive licence to commercial dive operators.
    • Two moorings are available for hire on a casual basis by commercial dive tour operators.
    • Two moorings are available for public and club dive bookings.

  6. How much are Permits?

    Permits are priced at $18 per diver, per day.

  7. How much is a mooring booking?

    Mooring bookings are for 2hr timeslots.  Timeslots have been set to allow a safe and comfortable diving experience. Mooring fees are as follows:

    $80 for a 2-hour timeslot for casual commercial operators
    $60 for a 2-hour timeslot for club and private bookings

    These fees will be implemented on an introductory basis and reviewed after 6 months operation.

    To avoid congestion in the water, there is a maximum of 14 divers allowed per mooring at any one time.

  8. How much would an entire dive cost, including permit and mooring?

    Prices for entire dive experiences will vary depending on whether you arrange your dive through a commercial dive operator, public or club booking. Extra costs may apply depending on whether you have your own diving equipment or are hiring equipment.

    The cost of a single dive with own equipment supplied will likely cost from $80 and upwards. Divers will need to contact commercial dive operators for quotations on diving packages to suit their specific needs.

  9. Why does it cost to enter this dive site?

    A Crown reserve (known as the HMAS Adelaide Reserve) has been declared over the final resting place of the Ex-HMAS Adelaide.

    There will be costs involved to manage this reserve for ongoing maintenance and management.

    Revenue generated from permits and booking fees will contribute to these expenses so that the artificial reef remains a safe diving experience and becomes a world class dive attraction.

  10. What are the dive conditions like?

    Like any dive site, it is advisable to talk to experienced local dive operators to understand the surrounding oceanic conditions to make appropriate decisions about whether a dive should proceed. The site can be both wave and current affected, and water temperatures average between 18°C in winter to 24°C in summer.
 HMAS Adelaide
 HMAS Adelaide
 HMAS Adelaide
 HMAS Adelaide

Photographs by Justin Gilligan